Henry Wilcox - Karol Gajda

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Description: Henry Wilcox is a cute, slim and very bendy little twink. He's been interested in gymnastics for years and that means he can stretch in all kinds of ways. It also means he's great for some hot and horny BoyFun with a friend like Karol Gajda, who happens to be equally flexible. The two seem to know how to get the fun started in an interesting way, hopping on the bed and performing splits in front of each other. Most of us would be in agony, but these boys are so stretchy they can bring their bulges together in a little clothed frotting while their legs are reaching out in both directions. To say it's impressive is an understatement, but things haven't really started until young Henry's bulging boner is revealed from his pants for young Karol to greedily suck and slurp. The boy has an awesome cock, so long and slender, with a delicious drooling helmet that the boy can't seem to get enough of. With his big bareback dong glistening Henry wastes no time. The moment Karol presents his perfect little pucker he's preparing to drive his length in deep. Indeed, he does just that, fucking young Karol from behind before leaning back and letting the boy bounce on his generous dong, his own penis swinging with delight as the pleasure floods his senses and his gushing semen splashes out over his smooth body. All that's left is for Henry to reward his bottom boy with his own impressive load, erupting a shower of hot twink spooge all over the cute boy's upturned face. We can't help but wonder what other positions these bendy boys might be able to get themselves into. Everyone would love to find out.
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