Tim Law proves his slutty credentials once again on the end of big Ben’s dick! HD

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Description: We’ve known it for a long time, of course, but Tim Law still manages to surprise us sometimes as to how much of a cheeky little whore he actually is. As proves to be the case here, when he charges into a room – stripping off in the process – and proceeds to show Benjamin Dunn the sexy little jockstrap that he’s got on. He’s a tease if ever there was one; but he’s in for something of a surprise when Dunn takes off his trousers and reveals his underwear, which in this instance is even more revealing than the item Law’s got on. It all makes for a rather comic opening salvo; though it’s not long before matters take on a much more sensuous approach, with Law pulling away his mate’s skimpy attire so that he can feast on the juicy, fat dick inside. An approach that’s soon being eagerly reciprocated by Dunn, prior to the fellow rimming Law’s ass and then ploughing the hungry little hole with his knob. At which point the cute twink’s sluttish side really starts to take hold, riding Dunn’s ramrod in a whole series of positions and in the process pleasuring his handsome mate to within an inch of his life! No doubt about it, both these lads are truly in their element here, doing exactly what they were born to do, and it’s no great surprise when their natural urges start to overwhelm them – Law squirting away whilst still seated on Dunn’s dick, then Dunn jerking out a fine spray of jizz over his own belly. A terrific (not to mention a sticky) conclusion to a very horny encounter between two favourites.
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