Jock Anal Play After The Gym

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Description: Sporty young Ervin picked up the wrong bag in the locker room, but he's not complaining when he finds the smooth and tempting anal toy inside. With his testosterone pumping and his cock craving attention the gorgeous young man gets started, groping his bulge while sucking on the tempting toy, revealing his defined and smooth body freshly pumped from his morning workout. Watch the handsome young man having an awesome time with his long throbbing cock out of his shorts, his balls bouncing and swaying with every stroke, his erection throbbing in his fist while he fingers his pucker and eases the smooth shape into his tight hole. Kneeling on the couch Ervin imagines someone behind, pumping their length in and out while the toy does its work. Finally laying back over the edge of the couch he's splashing his fresh gym load from his cock, his juices raining down over his body, scooping up his fresh semen for a taste. No doubt the owner of the bag got more than expected when Ervin returned it.
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