COCKSURE, Sc.4 Unlucky Preacher Gets More Missionary Than He Planned For!

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Description: For those unable to suspend their disbelief, Colin Horner’s fantasy abduction of Mormon evangelist, Peter Polloc, may make for uncomfortable viewing. For the rest of us, however, the sight of this rather unfortunate visitor strapped up on a bed without hope of either resistance or defence is a strangely erotic vision; and there’s no doubt in our mind that there’ll be a legion of horned-up fans wanking furiously away as Horner takes full advantage of the situation. Indeed, the sight of the hunky stalwart thrusting his swollen cock down the incapacitated lad’s throat right at the start of proceedings is almost enough to gain an appreciative (but premature) load in itself; but matters only intensify still further when the captor assaults Polloc’s exposed ass to a rough cascade of rimming, smacking and (ultimately) fucking. All of which the youngster clearly enjoys much more than he probably ever thought possible. So much so, in fact, that he’s ultimately spewing the contents of his tight little balls all over his own belly; before Horner completes the ritualised display of wanton humiliation by dumping a magnificent blast of superior baby-brew right across the dirty slut’s no-longer-innocent face!
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