Interracial raw sex - Adrian Rivers and Manuel Emilio

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Description: Lying by the pool and enjoying the Caribbean sunshine is surely any young lad's idea of a real good time, but it still doesn't compete to the delight of sucking cock and fucking ass – as Adrian Rivers and Manuel Emilio are only too keen to demonstrate when they head for the bedroom, each dressed in nothing more than a pair of skimpy underwear and a bath-towel (wrapped around their waists). Not that the said garments remain on them for very long, it has to be said. The towels come off almost the moment they reach their room; whilst both lads are taking it in turns to slurp on each other's thick, uncut shafts in no time at all, eagerly feasting on the fine display of twink-meat on offer. It's at this point, perhaps, that you begin to realise why they were each so keen on quitting the sun-beds – who the fuck could resist such fun, after all? And the fact that Rivers is white and Emilio is a native Dominican makes their antics even more appealing, surely. But the real hardcore action only begins when the home-boy finally succumbs to his ferocious sexual appetite and allows his American guest to plough that handsome Yankee cock-head deep into his pert little ass-hole – an invitation that a boy like Rivers doesn't need to be shown twice! Cue a truly fabulous session of raw, sweaty boy-sex that sees the visitor give Emilio the kind of one-on-one workout that surely every fresher dreams off, culminating in a fabulous, full-on, spunk-wrenching facial that we just know you're gonna love.
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