Outdoor flip-flop fuck - Alexander Dorch and Tim Law

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Description: Tim Law has always had a very nice package on him, so to speak – but on this particular occasion the package in question is a physical parcel, which the every-horny young cyclist delivers to a clearly expectant Alexander Dorch. Not that what's inside the box actually seems to concern the recipient too greatly, it has to be said. He seems far more interested in getting Law out of his cycling gear, and within a few seconds is pulling out his dick from his trousers in a bid to tempt his courier buddy into staying for a little extra-curricular fun! Perhaps unsurprisingly given Law's reputation, it's a move that almost immediately gains the required response – Law is down on Dorch's cock like a little vacuum-pump, slurping on his mate's handsome ramrod with the sort of enthusiasm that we've all long since come to expect of the lad. Not that Dorch is in any way less keen on engaging in some oral fun. Before you know it he's abandoned his hammock in favour of a blanket on the floor, whereupon the two fellows top-and-tail on each other's dicks! By this point, of course, both boys are quite evidently as sexually-hyped as it's possible to be, and it comes as little surprise that they're quickly engaged in a tremendously hot outdoor flip-flop session – the kind that will almost certainly get you working out a load (or two)! What may raise an eyebrow, however, is the fact that Dorch never abandons his unconventional-looking pants throughout the entire coupling – even when he eventually creams himself all over Law's tongue! Sticky finales have rarely looked so feckin' kinky!
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